“………………………..……………."yet it is so"………………..……………….…”

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no one can ever love her, the way i did,

when it was about to get sold, someone else had the highest bid…


set it free they say, wait for its return,

being a parasite upon myself, i had a long way to run..


if death was a stage, long enough to change costumes,

you had the remote, i could have been stopped or resumed..


questions i have, never i had hoped for,

diseases being gifted, with a mask, searching for a cure..


i slowly read the thick book, all lines of all pages,

a golden cage, or portal to eternity, i’ll keep thinking for ages..


love lasting longest, is the one never returned,

so easy it is to forget, how can it be learnt??


who killed whom, was just a matter of fact,

but assassination of skin-deep thaughts, can either turn a fatal act..


i’ll take a leave now to nowhere,

coz its better never to meet you in thaughts, awake and reaching for hands which aren’t there..


my observations, feelings, interpretations, are all your truth,

yet it’s not the truth,

yet it’s not the only truth,

yet it seems to be so,

yet it is so……



15 Straight Lines(a name)

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15 Straight Lines

It was a deep dark lonely place except some white light around me. I looked down for seeing my own self. I was unable to do so as my neck was not moving at all. Weird, I thought. Suddenly, I noticed that I don’t remember anything about myself. My eyes were not blinking. I was not able to feel any weight of my body on my feet. I was not breathing, my hair were not making any move and may be, I was not even wearing anything. It feels great like this but, when I realized that I was no more alive, I wanted to cry aloud. But unfortunately, no expression came onto my face, and of course, no tears also. I didn’t feel anything except one. It was some kind of pain on my left wrist. It was a kind of pain that I was aware of. I welcomed it, as it was my first feel after my death. My body started moving without my permission. After a journey of a few miles, it stopped. After waiting for a few moments, I witnessed something. It was a kind-of divine power, which took a human-kind-of-structure, without any body, just the same white light. Was it God or someone like me only? It started with a telepathic conversation.

I heard it saying, “You have got five wishes to make.” I shouted, “Who took me here?” He replied, “You, your own self! Now you have got just four wishes to make.” I knew what was happening and more importantly, I knew my next question. I asked, “What is going to be my next birth and what does that mean?” He replied, “A SPARROW! A small bird that has to suffer a lot merely for survival.” Then he shown me its picture as I didn’t remember anything.
His words made it clear that I have carried my sins along with me.

Now just three more wishes to go. My next question was, “How I died?” He just said one thing, which I consider unfair on his part. “15 Straight Lines”, he replied. Now what the hell was that? I wanted to ask this but I didn’t want to waste one more wish. So, I asked him to show me the picture of mine, of my last few moments of the time when I was alive. He agreed!

I saw a body lying on a chair with blood all around. It was a blurred picture (may be I used to wear specks), so I was not able to see my own face properly. But it didn’t matter, as I was not going to get that body ever again, and of course, I didn’t remember any other face, so no point making any comparison also. Suddenly, my eyes went on the wrist of that body. There was something ‘written in red’. I didn’t remember how to read anymore. Before I could go further, picture vanished.

I knew I was just left up with one wish to make. I knew that. I knew that I wanted to become a human instead of a sparrow. It took a long time for me to speak. I knew that I was making that divine power wait for me. Telepathic conversation stopped. My lips parted, as if after centuries they did so. A voice came out of my mouth, which was going to become my last wish.
I said:

“ Please, write all of my feelings on a piece of paper in my previous handwriting along with a statement saying, “ I STILL LOVE YOU! ”. Send this   paper to that ‘15 Straight Lines’, with my name, that I don’t remember now, along with your signature.

Thank You! ”

He said ‘Yes!’ and made me a white sparrow of my own kind. He tied this note around my neck with a thin red coloured thread and sent me to that ‘15 Straight Lines’.


–God’s Signature____!

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