Sex is to body, weed is to mind!!

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Sex is to body, weed is to mind!!

My first experience:

Statutory warning: Never take drugs!

Contradiction is the essence of life! My first experience of taking a drug, and so-called statutory warning,  mentioned above, don’t go together.

We are born naked, wet, and hungry, and get slapped on our butt … then things get worse. It starts with your first experience(s!!). Your first break up, critics, intercourse out of frustration, unwanted advices….  Long list follows which can consume the entire length of the page(s). Out of all, first drug experience is something that you don’t want to forget, and don’t want to get reminded of. Contradiction! That was one feeling transcending all. Though, I’m not much into cricket, but that day, sachin tendulkar scored more runs than usual, so we were drunk more than usual. Someone started rolling a joint, and for obvious reasons I can’t remember who. Marijuana, weed, pot, grass, ganja…. Like god, weed also has got many names. It gets you so close to god as if you feel,  anytime you can meet him! My girl-friend too used to make me feel same. Most of us ‘consumed’ it that day, but, I was the only beginner. I took more of it, as I strongly believe that either you can think, or you can do. Six pegs down, you can’t think. So I did it! For a few minutes nothing happened, and if everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something. And then, everything started happening.

That was one feeling transcending all. My heartbeats were fast, faster than the time I used to enter arena, faster than the time when I had my first operation. My blood was dying to flow out of my nerves. I didn’t feel my body. I wasn’t my body, my body wasn’t me. I was on cloud nine, I was buried deep inside. Inside what, I never understood. My all five senses were partially alive. Nature works on the basis of give and take philosophy. Henceforth, I became aware of five new senses. Humans are considered to have at least five additional senses that include:  pain, balance, joint motion, acceleration, sense of time (temperature differences); and possibly an additional weak directional sense. All these were ruling over my body. I wanted to scratch my back, but didn’t have power to move my hands. I wanted someone to help me out with this, but didn’t have courage to speak. We all do small strange things that we don’t do in front of anybody. I was doing them. My faith in hedonism strengthened. But I was finding myself at an inch’s distance from death. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get up next morning, or any other morning. World went into flashback within moments and came back to contemporary. Process repeated itself without stopping until I found myself slept, or may be unconscious.

I woke up next morning!


Note of innocence: That was my first and last time! I have been offered after that, but why to choose a way where you don’t want to see yourself!!



  1. finally u tried it…but my 1st experience was way better…awesum…nd i felt like havin it agn but i didnt

    Comment by chayan — 2010/03/09 @ 18:53 | Reply

  2. An experience as u say it.. as an elder brother or a friend i would definitely advice you against it!! watch out buddy… BEWARE!!!!

    Comment by Neel — 2010/03/09 @ 19:30 | Reply

  3. no words…. u knw wat i wanna say….i hope u carry on with ur words and make that ur last tym… 🙂

    Comment by Arushi — 2010/03/09 @ 20:01 | Reply

  4. Your first experience, or may i say your only one(as you claim to abstain ahead), has certainly been articulated with a lot of precision. Would that be because you were still more conscious than what you remember or was it because of the scarcity of ‘Stuff’ that might have made you sound like what others do when they rise, all they can say is ‘dude, i can’t remember shit!’ ?

    anyhow, keep it* up.


    Comment by KD — 2010/03/09 @ 20:11 | Reply

    • i’ll keep * up
      *smoking, o sry, blogging….

      Comment by karan — 2010/04/19 @ 22:57 | Reply

    I love How personal it gets!

    Good Job!

    Keep writing 🙂

    Comment by Namrata Goyal — 2010/03/10 @ 19:02 | Reply

  6. buddy i know all those things which happened to you and what are you going through? i know those things were the reason for you to take was Hard time for you to digest all these things.but this is not the only solution. and i also know that you understand that “what is right and wrong for you?”. hoping that you will understand that these things not gonna help you through your entire life. so think of it before you do any thing like this again………….. you know what i mean…… strong to face life….

    Comment by mandeep — 2010/03/10 @ 21:57 | Reply

  7. wot shit is this karan???u dont u understand yaa!!!things happen man its just ok…grow up please..its so disappointing!!:(

    Comment by meenakshi — 2010/03/16 @ 18:04 | Reply

  8. Honest First time ! good words, said the best way..
    Nice work man !
    Keep it goin

    Comment by prateek — 2010/03/18 @ 13:55 | Reply

  9. bro!!…watvr u hve written is too gud bt i really dnt wnt 2 comment abt ur first experience..i knw u hve been in a tough situation…bt dis is nt d rite way of gettin ovr dat…i dnt knw wat ur nxt blog gonna b abt…bt plz get out of dese stuffs n try an anothr way of livin life…

    Comment by Abhishek — 2010/03/18 @ 16:23 | Reply

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