15 Straight Lines(a name)

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15 Straight Lines

It was a deep dark lonely place except some white light around me. I looked down for seeing my own self. I was unable to do so as my neck was not moving at all. Weird, I thought. Suddenly, I noticed that I don’t remember anything about myself. My eyes were not blinking. I was not able to feel any weight of my body on my feet. I was not breathing, my hair were not making any move and may be, I was not even wearing anything. It feels great like this but, when I realized that I was no more alive, I wanted to cry aloud. But unfortunately, no expression came onto my face, and of course, no tears also. I didn’t feel anything except one. It was some kind of pain on my left wrist. It was a kind of pain that I was aware of. I welcomed it, as it was my first feel after my death. My body started moving without my permission. After a journey of a few miles, it stopped. After waiting for a few moments, I witnessed something. It was a kind-of divine power, which took a human-kind-of-structure, without any body, just the same white light. Was it God or someone like me only? It started with a telepathic conversation.

I heard it saying, “You have got five wishes to make.” I shouted, “Who took me here?” He replied, “You, your own self! Now you have got just four wishes to make.” I knew what was happening and more importantly, I knew my next question. I asked, “What is going to be my next birth and what does that mean?” He replied, “A SPARROW! A small bird that has to suffer a lot merely for survival.” Then he shown me its picture as I didn’t remember anything.
His words made it clear that I have carried my sins along with me.

Now just three more wishes to go. My next question was, “How I died?” He just said one thing, which I consider unfair on his part. “15 Straight Lines”, he replied. Now what the hell was that? I wanted to ask this but I didn’t want to waste one more wish. So, I asked him to show me the picture of mine, of my last few moments of the time when I was alive. He agreed!

I saw a body lying on a chair with blood all around. It was a blurred picture (may be I used to wear specks), so I was not able to see my own face properly. But it didn’t matter, as I was not going to get that body ever again, and of course, I didn’t remember any other face, so no point making any comparison also. Suddenly, my eyes went on the wrist of that body. There was something ‘written in red’. I didn’t remember how to read anymore. Before I could go further, picture vanished.

I knew I was just left up with one wish to make. I knew that. I knew that I wanted to become a human instead of a sparrow. It took a long time for me to speak. I knew that I was making that divine power wait for me. Telepathic conversation stopped. My lips parted, as if after centuries they did so. A voice came out of my mouth, which was going to become my last wish.
I said:

“ Please, write all of my feelings on a piece of paper in my previous handwriting along with a statement saying, “ I STILL LOVE YOU! ”. Send this   paper to that ‘15 Straight Lines’, with my name, that I don’t remember now, along with your signature.

Thank You! ”

He said ‘Yes!’ and made me a white sparrow of my own kind. He tied this note around my neck with a thin red coloured thread and sent me to that ‘15 Straight Lines’.


–God’s Signature____!



  1. wow!!

    Comment by mandeep — 2010/03/04 @ 22:21 | Reply

  2. good one!!! i like it…

    Comment by meenakshi — 2010/03/05 @ 15:52 | Reply

  3. loved it…. awesome!!!!!

    Comment by Arushi — 2010/03/07 @ 17:30 | Reply

  4. jst 2 words…. mind blowing!!

    Comment by Shubham — 2010/03/07 @ 18:18 | Reply

  5. hmmm…awesome work!!

    Comment by ashutosh — 2010/03/08 @ 20:45 | Reply

  6. nice.

    sparrow? you should’ve asked ‘how much for an eagle?’

    Comment by KD — 2010/03/09 @ 20:22 | Reply

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